May 29, 2020

3 Reasons Why You Should Become a bloom’d Pro

If you’re a barber, hairstylist, makeup artist, or nail technician, there’s no better time than now to become a bloom’d pro. There is a level of uncertainty regarding the way consumers will conduct business and the way businesses will respond due to COVID-19. We don’t know what the new “norm” will look like because this will vary by local counties and different states. Whatever this may be, we all have to adjust. Wearing face masks, washing hands more frequently, and sanitizing your equipment/tools will be required. One question to ask yourself is: How will your existing and potential new clients want your services?

Many other questions will arise such as will there be an increase/decrease of appointments? How many clients are we limiting in salons or cosmetic stores? Will customers still fear stepping out of their homes? Time will tell, but a solution like the bloom’d app can help decrease the spread of COVID and keep communities safer for when salons and cosmetic stores open up. Also check out why your clients should use the bloom’d app

1. Busier Doesn’t Mean Better

Appointments for hair and nail services will increase once businesses may open up. This is exciting for everyone because of the current economy and employees wanting to get back to work. We need to proceed with caution and ensure that employees and customers are safe. Albeit, salons and cosmetic stores won’t be packed Pre-COVID, there is a certain level of risk surrounded by co-workers and other clients.

2. Potential Decrease in Traffic

Remember the other half of clients not wanting to leave their home? Those same clients may steer clear from salons and cosmetic stores, but wanting services. Clients will be searching for beauty services to avoid larger crowds. The bloom’d app serves just that. As a hairstylists, you may be thinking about how you will be able to give haircuts? Many on-demand beauty apps also do not offer haircuts as a service. bloom’d is adding haircuts as a service in the next few weeks to meet demand!

3. Less Vulnerability

We understand the importance of wanting and being able to work. The beauty industry is taking a huge hit amid COVID-19. We certainly can relate to every barber, hairstylist, makeup artist, and nail technician. You may have some hesitation to get back to work, but also need income. With the bloom’d pro app you have the flexibility of creating your own schedule and choosing whether or not to accept an appointment. Because of the nature of the app, you’re also less exposed. This means that there is only a one-on-one interaction with clients. In addition, you and clients will be required to fill out a safety questionnaire whenever an appointment is being scheduled. If anyone has been exposed to the virus or feeling any symptoms, the appointment automatically gets canceled.

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On-demand apps are more prevalent than ever. bloom’d is the perfect combination for personalization and convenience for both beauty pro’s and customers. If you’re interested in becoming a bloom’d pro click the applicable link below For hairstylist, barber or nail tech: For makeup artists:

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