March 9, 2020

5 Bridal Hair and Makeup Trends for 2020

With the weather starting to warm back up, wedding season is rapidly approaching us. Early spring through fall is the prime time to schedule your special day. However, with all the details you have to manage, don’t forget it’s okay to take some time for yourself. One part of that self-care might be figuring out how you are gonna look when you walk down the aisle. We’re here to help you with some inspiration. Checkout 5 bridal hair and makeup trends for 2020 you can fall in love with.

1. Enhancing Natural Features

With all of the products out there for covering up blemishes, it’s important to remember that natural features make us who we are. And, there are useful products that can help enhance instead of hide your gorgeous self. Products like luminous sheer foundations help give your natural skin the glow it needs to wow when you walk down the aisle.

2. Embracing Color Contrast

The common thought for many brides-to-be is that more muted colors for eye shadows, liners, and lipsticks is better suited to your big day. However, stronger color contrasts are a great way to express your personal style and ensure your look pops in every photo. Purples and reds are gorgeous ways to make your look stick out from the more minimalistic approaches many brides are taking.

3. Minimalistic Hair

One of our favorite bridal hair and makeup trends for 2020, minimalistic hair options are everywhere right now. Extravagant styles that take hours to prepare are falling out of vogue as stylists help brides prepare styles that embrace their hair’s natural appeal. An important step in getting the perfect natural hair look on your big day is prepping with in-advance with hair masks and nutrient-rich shampoos and conditioners, as well as regular cuts.

4. Hair Accessories That Stand Out

More and more, a bride’s hair doesn’t have to do all the talking. Flower crowns are a great way to incorporate your bouquet directly into your look. For those wanting a more minimal and elegant approach, bejeweled or pearled headbands make a wonderful accompaniment to natural hairstyles. This is one of the bridal hair and makeup trends for 2020 we can see growing.

5. Rosy Tones and Shades

This season, it seems makeup is prettier in pink. Many brides are embracing rosy color palettes that play off of similar trends embracing natural beauty and minimalism. Blushes, eyeshadows, and foundations all can build a soft-pink color palette will be sure to have your groom holding his breath as you come down the aisle.

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