February 14, 2020

5 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Forget about dinner and a movie this Valentine’s Day. No, literally have you forgotten about getting a dinner reservation and your movie tickets? At times, life gets away from us all. Whether it’s planning the perfect date or trying to set up an appointment for your hairstyling, sometimes we all need options that help make our lives a litter easier. Although on-demand beauty apps like bloom’d can help solve your hairstyling problem, your date options might be a bit more limiting if you’re scrambling to think of something last minute. So to help make your day a little easier, here are 5 last-minute date ideas that can get you out of a tight spot when Valentine’s Day rolls around this year.

1. Skip the Restaurant for a Picnic

Who needs long waits and expensive bills when you and your date can have a nice meal in a more intimate setting? This one is a weather permitting-option, but there’s something undeniably cute about grabbing putting together a charcuterie board and a spreading a blanket out in nature.

2. Get Your Competitive Streak Going

Nothing like a little competition to get the blood pumping and test how close you and your date actually are. There’s any number of competitive activities you can partake in. See who can get more strikes at the bowling alley. See if EITHER of you can hit a bullseye in darts. Or check who’s got the need for speed in go-karts. A few games of rivals and you might be shocked what you learn about each other, and how much fun you’ve had.

3. Find a Random Concert or Comedy Show

So, with the help of on-demand beauty apps, you’ve gotten your hair and makeup looking gorgeous. Now, it’s time to continue that hot streak and try something spontaneous. In many cities like DC and LA, every night, even on Valentine’s Day, there are a variety of concerts and comedy shows. Find someone performing you’ve never heard of before, and give it a shot. You may end up finding a new favorite musician. Or, at the very least, you and your date will have a funny story to tell.

4. Turn Your Kitchen to a Five-Star Restaurant

You don’t need to go out to dress up. Instead, you and your date can make a delicious meal together and stage your dining room to be the five star restaurant. So, get out the white table cloths, the red wine, and your best outfit, and enjoy the most exclusive dinner spot in town.

5. Hunt for Your City’s Most Romantic Spot

If you’re not the staying in type but you don’t want the chaos of going out either, seek out your city’s most romantic locations. Whether it be a public park, a popular monument, or simply a great viewpoint to take everything in, there’s no better time to check it than with your lovely date.

Struggling to Get Ready for Valentine’s Day?

Like we said, it’s easy to let time get away from us in our busy lives. On-demand beauty apps like bloom’d are here to help alleviate some of that stress. Instead of making time in your schedule to drive out to the salon or beautician for hairstyling and makeup, have them come directly to you with bloom’d. Our beauty professionals will get you feeling your absolute best and ready you for a lovely Valentine’s Day with your date. Download our app in the App Store and Google Play, and check us out on Instagram or check out our other blogs here.

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