May 1, 2020

The Advantages of a Haircut at Home Service

One thing most of us can appreciate is having more ways to access the services we need in our daily lives. And with the ongoing global crisis, many salons and barbershops have had their services restricted to protect public health. So, if your hair is looking a little unkempt, you might be seeking alternative solutions to your haircut problem besides trying to do it yourself. That’s where a haircut at home service comes into play. These on-demand services allow you to access a much-needed haircut from the comfort of your home. Let’s take a look at the advantages offered by these services.

Save Precious Time

While going out to the salon for a haircut can feel like a luxury, it can also be a pain if you have a busy schedule. No one likes taking the time to fight traffic just to make a hair appointment. A haircut at home service helps remedy this problem because the beauty pro comes to you. This allows you to better tailor your haircut to fit into your busy schedule, save gas money, and stay in the comfort of your home.

Easy to Make Appointments

If you’ve ever used an app like Rover then the concept of a haircut at home service will be pretty straight forward and easy to use. All you need to do is download an app like bloom’d, create a profile, set an appointment time and date, and within minutes you’ll be browsing the profiles of awesome beauty pros. No need to play phone tag with several local salons to make an appointment. Instead, you can do it all from within the app. This helps streamline the whole process and make it easier to schedule a haircut when you need it.

Reduce Contact

The current situation in the world has made it so that reducing contact with people in public spaces is a key priority on most of our minds. A haircut at home service is a great way to achieve this while still getting the service you need. Instead of traveling to the salon where other clients and barbers are, you can ensure it’s just you and your barber. This makes it easier to take proper safety precautions and reduce the risk for both you and them. This is a great way to support local beauty pros will helping keep everyone safe.

Does a Haircut At Home Service Sound Great? Check Out the bloom’d App

If you’re ready to stop getting your hair cut the traditional way, and move into an option that offers more convenience, flexibility, and safety, it’s time you check out the bloom’d app. Our app makes scheduling appointments simple, and we have tons of talented beauty pros available across Maryland, DC, Virginia, Los Angeles, and Orange County. Whether you need a haircut, hair styling, makeup services, or a manicure, the bloom’d app has you covered.

Download the app today from the App Store or Play Store. And don’t forget to check us out on Instagram. For more great beauty and lifestyle tips, check out our other blogs.

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