January 10, 2020

bloom’d Arrives to Los Angeles and Orange County

The day has arrived! Cali beauties, bloom’d launches today, bringing on-demand beauty services to Los Angeles and Orange County. No need to fret about your next hair or makeup appointment. No need to brave brutal SoCal traffic to make your appointment on time (let’s be honest, you probably won’t). Instead, the appointment comes to you. On your time, wherever you are. We’re so very excited to bring bloom’d to Southern California! 

About bloom’d

bloom’d was born from a story a lot of us can probably relate to. Our founder was out of town, in a city she wasn’t familiar with, and needed to find a salon last minute to get ready for an event she was attending. While she wandered around, it struck her as odd than in a day and age where we can call a car, order groceries, and book a pet sitter all from our phones, why can’t schedule an appointment with beauty professionals? And voila, bloom’d was born. Beginning in the DC metro area, we wanted to expand our reach to lovely folks of Los Angeles and Orange County so you too can experience the convenience of on-demand beauty services.

How bloom’d Works

The beauty (no pun intended) of the bloom’d app is in its simplicity. All you need to do is take out your phone, download the app from the App Store or Google Play, and personalize your profile. Right away, you can start booking hair, grooming, makeup, and manicuring services from our lovely bloom’d professionals. Whether you’re at home, a hotel, AirBnB, the office, or just about anywhere else, they come to you. Pretty easy, right?

On-Demand Beauty is Perfect for LA and OC

It’s no secret that Los Angeles and Orange County are busy places. From traffic that stretches all day to a competitive job market, making the most of our precious time is crucial. Because of this, we need things to be streamlined to better fit into our schedules. bloom’d cuts out the hassle of traveling to your appointment. All of our professionals are licensed, experienced, and offer a gallery of their work so it’s easier to browse and find a stylist who will get you the best. Taking care of how we look and feel is an important step to self-care, and bloom’d helps remove the obstacles to this so you have more time to spend how you want.

Launching bloom’d in Los Angeles and Orange County something we’ve been so excited for. We can’t wait to see those gorgeous photos of your fresh look after a meeting with an on-demand beauty professional from bloom’d! Use the Promo Code “Welcome10” to receive $10 off of your first appointment with us. See you there!

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