September 14, 2018

Beauty Tips from Hollywood to Your Home

With more than 182 major beauty and makeup brands occupying not just our shelves with their breathing scents and eye-catching labels, they’re filling our carts and morning ablations. It’s no wonder our Pinterest boards and YouTube searches are full of tutorials on how to accomplish the latest look and deliver the latest beauty tips from Hollywood to your home. For a night out or an in-house office meeting, makeup is nearly as essential to our daily routine of sticking our smartphone in our pocket on the way out the door.

As seasons change or those who are in the spotlight showcase a new product, so does the desire for a fresh look. While we embrace autumn, its cooler weather and falling leaves, we are eager to see what other changes are in store for us. What has been trending and what we keep talking about. Here’s our beauty tops from Hollywood to your home.

Like Wine, The 90s Get Better With Time

With throwbacks to the 90s everywhere – overalls, combat boots, chokers, denim skirts, fanny packs, high-rise jeans – naturally makeup would follow suit. Blue eyeshadow was a prominent look over twenty years ago and the striking look is cycling back through once more.

Inspired by Hollywood stars of all ages and skin tones, you can embrace this new bright color palette (in addition to the always trending nude and Smokey eye) during the day for a casual selfie or for a photoshoot with your company, in the club or just hanging out with your friends for brunch. This sophisticate reimagined blue scale is versatile and appropriate. The key is to have a steady, controlled and restrained hand. The key is to enhance your looks, not enhance your makeup.

Queenly Qualities

Nice nails. Now that Meghan Markle has moved across seas and taken on a duchess title, we’re reminded once again that women in the royal family cannot wear bright nail polish (and probably not neon eyeshadow either). Having been a style icon for years and more so now, her manicured hands are under the photography lens and it’s known that she wore the accessible and affordable ESSIE Ballet Slippers, a favorite of the Queen’s as well.

Celebrity “Man”icurist Tom Bachik also announced earlier this year that now, in the fall of 2018, that nails would be clean and minimalistic. Even if his clients such as J-Lo, Kiera Knightly, Selena Gomez, Heidi Klum, Kerry Washington, Shay Mitchell and many others, were wearing a bold color, a shorter nail would be in style.

Girls Just Wanna be Glamorous

What once was considered gothic is now considered glamorous. From vampy, mulberry lips to black lips, dark thick winged eyeliner, overly dramatic application is a trend on the red carpet.

The Kardashians are known for their sultry lips, just look at Kylie Jenner’s branding. At one point and time, nearly every person who walks the red carpet has puckered their lips for an exotic color. Red, ruby, raspberry, pink, purple. Even ones with metallic accents.

Going with a maximalist look can be full coverage and precisely applied lipstick or it can be a minimalist look with all the impact on the bright, captivating stain. Do you have what it takes to not just wear fall’s warm tones, but transfer them to your makeup case? This is one of our favorite beauty tips from Hollywood to your home.

Facing it Head On

This is the year of women and with it, women are embracing who they are more than ever. With that comes their looks. Just as much as ladies strive to stand out with bold colors, not hiding their vitiligo, birthmarks, beauty marks, moles, their freckles, acne, body dysmorphia, bad hair days or pillows under their eyes is equally important. Women are embracing the look between just had coffee and haven’t had time to get ready look. The fresh-faced look is dimpling refreshing. From Christina Aguilera to Chloe Moritz, Madonna and Alicia Keys and Christine Tossi from Momofuko’s Milkbar are sharing selfies and making appearances in public sans products.

Whether you wear makeup or not, Maybelline says it best, maybe it’s her, maybe it’s Maybelline. Makeup is for anyone and everyone. And not wearing it is also for anyone. The choice is yours every day.

Exploratory Eyebrows

From microblading to braided eyebrows and feather eyebrows this year has been a rollercoaster of shaping the kissing cousins on our forehead. As we enter this autumn, however, our grooming has settled on what everyone has aspired to reach for the past 24 months: Major brows and textured brows. If you consistently pluck or wax them, your goal should be to maintain the stray hairs, not eliminate its shape. Don’t have naturally thick brows? The product solutions are endless. And if you want to go for an intense Cara Delevingne expression or organic look rather than a runway look, all it takes is a practiced application of wax in conjunction with a color matched to your hair to fill in the bare spots. A similar style is a textured brow which is inspired by makeup artists and superstars alike. Simply brush your eyebrows up and add your wax to keep the style all day.

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