March 4, 2020

How to Use the bloom’d On-Demand Beauty App

When life gets chaotic, many of us will look for technology to help make things more simple. It’s one of the luxuries of living in a digital age. Don’t feel like fighting traffic? Get an electronic scooter through a smartphone app. Don’t have time to get the groceries? Have someone shop for you or get a box of meals delivered to your doorstep. With all of this streamlining, you may wonder why beauty services aren’t that simple. Well, with the bloom’d app, they are now. bloom’d is an on-demand beauty app that lets you book appointments with hair stylists, makeup artists, and manicurists directly from your phone. What does using an on-demand beauty app actually look like though? We’ll breakdown for you how easy the bloom’d app is to use.

Step 1: Download the App and Make Your Profile

You can find the bloom’d app in the App Store for iPhone and the Google Play store for Android devices. After downloading the app, you’ll be prompted to make a custom profile. Here you’ll fill out your contact details and other general info. Next, you’ll customize your profile to help your beauty professional better meet your needs. Here, you’ll take a natural selfie. This is a photo only available to your beauty pro. Providing them with a photo of you naturally look will help them get an idea of your facial profile so they can provide their best services. You’ll also input your payment info in this stage.

Step 2: Select a Service and Appointment Time

Next, you can browse through the services available from beauty pros on bloom’d (you’ll be picking who to book with later on). There are a variety of service categories on offer, including hair styling, bridal hair styling, men’s grooming, full-face makeup, and manicures. After picking which specific service you need (for instance, a blowout), you’ll be prompted to pick a date and appointment time that works for you. A great aspect of an on-demand beauty app like bloom’d is that it gives you the flexibility to work around your schedule because the beauty pro comes to you.

Step 3: Schedule Your Appointment

Next, you’ll confirm that the service needed and the date for your appointment are correct. If everything looks good, you can proceed to confirm the booking. This will allow us to match the service you need and when with the schedules of beauty pros from bloom’d so we can generate an accurate list of pros available.

Step 4: Choose Your Beauty Pro

Now for the fun part! Once you’ve confirmed what kind of appointment you need and when you can browse the selection of beauty pros bloom’d has on offer in your area. We have tons of great pros across DC, Maryland, Virginia, as well as Los Angeles and Orange County, California. We encourage our beauty pros to upload a portfolio so you can get a taste of the fantastic work they produce. Choose the pro that feels right for your needs and select them to book. You’ll be notified once they confirm on their end and viola! Your on-demand beauty appointment with a talented bloom’d pro is now set. Pretty easy, huh?

Ready to Give bloom’d a Try?

bloom’d is an on-demand beauty app meant to accommodate us in our busy lives like so many other great apps do. It allows you to book appointments for hair styling and makeup services around your schedule and having the pro come to you so none of your valuable time is wasted. Ready to find out what it’s like to have beauty services catered to you? Download the app in the App Store and Google Play store.

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