March 17, 2020

Last Minute On Demand Beauty Service

When we schedule our hair or makeup appointments, we usually plan in advance to make sure our hairstylists or beauticians can fit us in. This is part of the process we’re all familiar with. But happens when you need last-minute beauty services. What do you do? Run to your nearest chain hair salon? Or try a different, more professional, and more personalized solution. An on demand beauty service can be the perfect option. Today, we’ll check out two recent client stories of how the on-demand beauty service from the bloom’d app came in clutch for them.

Appointment 1: Big Suprise

Charnelle after her on-demand beauty appointment

Charnelle used the bloom’d app for her beauty needs before and loved the quality provided by her bloom’d pro. With her birthday approaching in February, she scheduled another appointment to get her glammed up for the big celebration. However, when that appointment fell through, bloom’d was able to provide her with on-demand beauty service from one of our awesome professionals, Ketta. She followed Charnelle’s requests expertly and had her looking gorgeous for her birthday party. And it’s a good thing she did too, as the Charnelle’s celebration went from birthday party to an engagement party as her boyfriend proposed. And she was photo-ready thanks to the on-demand beauty service from Ketta.

Appointment 2: Out of Town Trip

Ketta, a super talented beauty pro on bloom’d.

Laura was headed a last-minute event in DC. Having to travel from out of town, she didn’t have time to attend to her makeup for what was a serious occasion. Thankfully, she found the bloom’d app. With only an hour to her event on a Friday night, she would have been hard-pressed to find a makeup artist available at any area beauty parlor. But again, Ketta was able to save the day, this time for Laura. She was able to make her event on time with a beautiful look.

The bloom’d App Can Meet All Your Beauty Needs

Whether you’re running late, or simply at home and want your beauty pro to come to you, the bloom’d app is made just for you. All you have to do is download the app, schedule an appointment, and select from a variety of super talented hairstylists, makeup artists, and manicurists. Try the bloom’d app today!

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