December 14, 2018

Men’s Winter Fashion Must-Haves

With the weather changing drastically before the season officially does, are your clothes ready to acclimate to the dropping temperatures, the increasing chances of snow and the revolving racks of style? Bloom’d has put together three essential pieces that men are adding to their carts this fall and winter that will not only keep you toasty with the right materials but won’t break the bank. These pragmatic staples make a significant difference to your look when paired correctly with your other basics. Ready to window shop with us? Here’s our men’s winter fashion must-haves.

The Beanie

It’s survived many decades, lived on the heads of every age gap but this year it takes on the most sophisticated fitted fit. The beanie is a staple to any man (and woman’s) closet. While some wear it as fashion staple year-round, this winter, you can expect to see it stylistically fulfill its original purpose. From cashmere to Prada’s top tier ribbed virgin wool, there are endless options. But if you’re willing to spend around $20 to $50 for a fundamental piece that lasts years, you not only can keep up with the leading lads of GQ but men such as Justin Timberlake, Rupert Everett, even Ne Yo, judge on World of Dance and perpetual hat wearer has been spotted with beanies.

Bold Knitwear

If you’re a fan of SNL, you know every skit is a premise for parodies, but recent host Steve Carell’s outfit as he closed the show was no parody. The colorful bulldog sweater is a perfect example of how bold knitwear is the best way to keep your body warm. Whether it’s for an evening affair, the weekend with your friends or worn under a suit jacket, the combinations for showing off your personality is freeing. In a season of ugly Christmas sweaters, it’s time to redefine what a sweater really is. Megastars Eddie Redmayne and Donald Glover know how to wear their style on their sleeves. From fringe or extra-long cardigans, producer, musician, and designer happy-man Pharrell is never shy when it comes to turning the fashion week clothes into street clothes. If you’re struggling on how to turn the latest trends into your everyday looks, take a cue from this suave singer. This is without a doubt one of our favorite men’s winter fashion must-haves.

Beneath the Layers

Funnyman Kevin Hart proves you should never leave the house without long sleeves or a jacket – jean, leather, double-breasted suit, bomber, hooded over a hoodie. But this winter is a relief to men as what’s under it all is the most basic and essential article of clothing. Polo shirts. Short or long sleeved, they’re not just for the quintessential nerds, golfers or middle schoolers this winter. They are a simple statement piece to slip under your suit or overcoat. Some of the best-dressed men have been spotted by bloom’d wearing them this year, and now you can compete right alongside them. Jamie Foxx of the highly anticipated 2018 live-action Robin Hood slays the minimal button up. In the ring with his moves and out with his style, controversial Conor McGregor never lets the naysayers keep him from living his dream. And it’s no different when it comes to wearing his fitted, colorful, buttoned up and pricey polos.

From the beanie to some layered shirts, we’ve helped compile your winter must-haves. How will you pull yours off and create your own distinct, affordable look?

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