January 14, 2019

3 Men’s Winter Hairstyles That Stand Up to The Weather

The best way to avoid a bad hair day is to choose a good haircut. bloom’d is dedicated to providing the beauty tools for men and women to feel confident in any circumstance. The most advantageous way to start? Through a crisp cut. Even if your hairdo is intentionally messy or tousled for a textured look, having a cut that is defined to fit your face shape goes a long way to maximize time during your morning rituals and best of all, put your best face forward! Let’s take a look at three men’s winter hairstyles you need to know about.

1. Line Up/Fade:

Focusing on your most prominent features, a lineup or fade cut can turn any soft jaw or round face into a mature look. Singer, rapper Drake, actor Michael B. Jordan, John Legend and many alike turn this style for its reliability and traditional look. No matter how old or young you are, it lends a sophisticated to your style through its severe lines. You can soften it up or sharpen it as much as you like until you find your personal cut. There are hundreds of ways to turn a simple cut into an identification mark. From adding hard parts hair designs, your hair is a canvas, and medium bloom’d is experienced in.

2. Bald (or Barely There):

Going bald and shaving your head are two different things. Whichever bracket your scalp is in, there are many iconic stars whose baldness does nothing to deter from their looks, novelty or prestige. Idris Elba. Dwayne Johnson. Samuel L. Jackson. Seal. Michael Jordan. Boris Kodjoe. Terry Crews. Neyo. LL Cool J. Daman Wayans. Montel Williams. George Foreman. The list goes on and can include you.

After a while, you’ll realize it’s just as easy to name fashionable men sans their hair, than those with luscious locks. Embrace your hairline – whether it’s receding, depleted or you just want to hack it all off.

3. A Man’s Best Friend is His Beard:

The beard’s popularity has been a phenomenon over the past two years and this season continues to be no different among men. While many see it as a time saver, allowing them to skip shaving, beard upkeep is most essential if you have one that lives beyond a five o’clock shadow. Depending on your hair follicles, one shave can easily make you look unkempt. No matter the length, always keep your facial hair groomed with the best products available. Through bloom’d’s assistance, we can help you lather for the most significant look! This past season we’ve seen Steve Harvey transition go from his iconic mustache to a traditional beard, similar to Morgan Freeman’s snowy white beard. Despite LeBron James taking control of the Lakers, he did not lose control of his beard. Sterling K. Brown’s enviable and doable for various face shapes or hair growth patterns. Smile not included!

Do you have a favorite of one of these men’s winter hairstyles? Or even a different style you want the bloom’d team to replicate? Looking to discover a cut that’s just for you? We want to help you find your style identity. Download the bloom’d app today.

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