August 14, 2018

Why You Should Use Mobile Hairstylists, Makeup Artists, and Manicurists

It’s the 21st century, and fashion-forward men and women are finally realizing they don’t have to leave the comfort of their home or workplace to find a few hours of escape. bloom’d is an on demand beauty app that individuals or groups can trust to provide them with beauty services right to their door. What better way than to begin the indulgence of preparation for a party, wedding or a “just because” than having a professional come to you? The benefits, such as getting to stay home in your sweatpants, are endless. Here are some of the most worthwhile and envious reasons to go with mobile hairstylists, makeup artists, and manicurists.


We’re busy. Most of us have jobs or are trying to advance our careers. In fact, 66.5% of females and 85.8% of males are working over 40 hours! On top of the extensive hours spent in the office, many of us are parents. As the apples of our eyes, children require all the time in the world, especially if they’re part of any extracurricular activities. In addition, dinner and chores require a lot of dedication throughout the week. During your “me” time, errands might include spending time at the gym, shopping, or pampering yourself. To achieve this, it requires commuting to all these places with hours stuck behind slow traffic and red lights. Managing our time also gets challenging when we throw in our social calendar. The birthdays, engagement parties, bridal and baby showers, and spontaneous events result in men and women spending a hefty amount of time getting ready for these events. With bloom’d, you can have a hairstylist or barber, makeup artist, and manicurist arrive right to your door to help you get event-ready!


The United States is considered one of the most self-indulgent countries in the world. For instance, we can have a car, food, groceries, clothes, and pretty much anything else right at our fingertips. Why can’t we have hairstylists, barbers, makeup artists, and manicurists right within our grasp as well? How many times have you sat in waiting areas, outdated magazine in had, and didn’t get in at your scheduled appointment time? How many times has your hairstylist or barber, nail technician, or makeup artist not been available for the day you need them? How many times have you sat in traffic commuting to and from your appointment? If you work late, how many locations are opened when you get off? Instant gratification is something we strive for when it comes to our looks. We see a look online we want and with bloom’d you can achieve it on your time.


There are a plethora of salons, barbershops, and spas in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. area. You, as the consumer, are diligently searching and price comparison shopping for the best price without compromising quality. Everyone wants you to be their client. Pricing amongst brick and mortar locations versus on-demand beauty apps vary based on multiple reasons.

Our internal survey revealed 90% of our customers would use an on-demand beauty app if pricing is similar to or less than a conventional salon, barbershop, or spa. With bloom’d, you’ll get the same experience and equivalent quality for a better price. But can you really put a value of convenience in the comfort and security of your home?


Mobile beauty professionals come directly to you wherever you are. That’s the beauty (pun intended) with using traveling professionals. You don’t have to worry if you’ll be on time for your appointment or who will be watching the kids. You’ve changed your mind about getting your hair, makeup, or nails done, and now you’re worried you won’t find anyone. That can make you go into panic mode. Using our beauty app, you don’t have to worry. Easily find professionals in your area, and they’ll come to you. Be comfortable in your own environment and let us pamper you.

Where to Find the Best Mobile Hairstylists, Makeup Artists, and Manicurists? With bloom’d

If you’re ready to go mobile, it’s time you cheked out bloom’d. All of the benefits of professional beauty services without the hassle of having to go out to the salon or beauty parlor. Simply download the app, book an appointment, and a fantastic beauty pro will come to you. Download the bloom’d app today in the App Store or Google Play store. Check us out over on Instagram, and take a peek at some of our other blogs for more great beauty tips.

Beauty. On Demand. Wherever you are.


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