October 14, 2018

5 Must-Have Autumn Hairstyles

We all know the ritual of wash, rinse, repeat. We all know what a blow dryer, curling iron and straightener is. But do we know what hairstyle we want to lather up during this fall? Before you put our beanie on let’s take a minute to talk the best looks for you.

With the seasons changing, the weather getting cooler, and the sweaters and jeans coming out, it’s time to take a look at how hair trends are changing. Here’s 5 must-have autumn hairstyles.

1. Bobs Are The New Black

Have bobs ever been out of style? Whether it’s the lob, it’s textured or blunt, the bob is more clearly defined than ever this season and is here to stay. Jenna Dewan has been in the news more in the last few months but has anyone been talking about her hair because it is neither harsh nor sloppy. While a great reflection of her personality, it’s the perfect cut to frame her face as well.

2. Let’s Talk Layers

Layers aren’t just for dressing up this autumn. But as we browse picture after picture online and compare them to our face we ask, should we keep it straight and simple or add some volume. Do we let the mousse do all the work, or ask the salon and hairstylist help us enhance it? For those who are attached, whether emotionally or stylistically, to their long hair, layers are definitely the way to go. They help keep the hair looking fresh, modern and healthy. Even if you’re layering the last few inches and adding some layers to frame your face, you can still achieve your Elsa braids, your French crown braids and your ballet buns.

3. Parting Is Such Sweet Styling

A distinct line so prominent you can see the scalp, this look is reminiscent of the illustrious Old Hollywood and the envious Twiggy. It’s a hairstyle Sophie Turner, Margot Robbie, Jessica Alba, Hailee Steinfeld, Vanessa Hudgens, Naomi Harris and the Black Widow herself, Scarlett Johansson. These women have risked parting with the customary middle part and embraced this charismatic flair. Absolutely one of our must-have autumn hairstyles.

4. Falling in Love With The Fringe, Bang and Side Sweep

Low maintenance bangs are somewhere between a side swept bang and a fringe. They aren’t full, and they’re not long or full enough to create a classic Reese Witherspoon swoop, but you can part them in the middle. They require such little maintenance you can even skip the round brush and blow dryer if you want. The rewards are tenfold. They enhance your face, have an edgy look and create texture. And of course, if you haven’t had a chance to get the tweezers out for your eyebrows, they serve as an excellent mask for that too!

5. Color Me Bleached or Brunette

As the leaves change color, now would be the most opportune time to change your hair color as well. Two prominent colors this fall remain the bleached look, which serves as a foundation for other colors too. Gray, lavender, blue, pink, etc. While this strips your hair if you were born with darker roots, it’s not uncommon to still undergo the aluminum strips of pastel color.

Another favorite is brunette. Natalie Portman’s brunette style is more highlight with dark undertones. This brilliant and strategic coloring definitely pairs well with her eyes. For anyone with the same color of peepers as her, this color should be a priority on your consideration list.

Meanwhile, Alexa Chung keeps her hair glossy and gives it both dimension and shine with some big curls and blonde highlights at the tip. Perfectly executed, this choice is for anyone who is indecisive about whether they want to die their naturally dark hair blonde or are just looking for something to add to their everyday style.

Year of the Woman

This year women are taking over microphones, magazines, newspreads, websites and more. They are expressing their sense of worth from equal pay to embracing body images. And what better way to do that than starting with our hair. Ethnic hair is the most versatile hair and requires a lot of maintenance at times. With styles ranging from long to buzzed, braids to buns, the options are endless. With the release of Black Panther earlier this year, the strong, dynamic cast of women and their natural hair has created a trend of free spiritedness.  Solange Knowles, Zazie Beetz and Janelle Monae are just a few stars whose hair strike bold and beautiful silhouettes.

Another trend is the pixie cut. Low maintenance but high impact with first impressions, front cover models, singers, actresses and world renowned house hold names like Zoe Kravitz, Zendaya, Keke Palmer and Jourdan Dunn have all sported this look in a variety of colors.

Ready to switch your part or let your roots speak for themselves? Learn more about our must have men and women hairstyles.

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