April 19, 2020

5 Takeaways from Social Distancing in Daily Life

It’s no secret that the coronavirus is changing the way many of us go about our day-to-day lives. The disruptions the virus has already caused across the country and world has made social distancing a necessary step we all have to take to protect ourselves and those around us. However, when things begin to eventually normalize again, we may come to realize some lessons social distancing has taught us, and better habits we can cultivate. Whether it be how we value our precious time, how to effectively use technology such as on-demand beauty apps and meal deliver apps, and plenty of things in-between, it’s important to focus on positives we can take from this situation. Let’s look at 5 of those possible takeaways from social distancing

1. The Importance of Daily Routines

With disruptions to work and school, you’re not alone if you’ve found yourself trying to find ways to pass time while still being productive. This can help emphasize how important it is to build a daily routine for yourself and try to follow it each day. Don’t let time just pass by, instead find ways to reinvest it in yourself, your hobbies, and focus on your goals. Daily routines can help mitigate some of the stress of daily life, both during a pandemic and after it.

2. New Ways to Work and Interact

Working from home was not incredibly common across the country, until well, it had to be. Social distancing has helped enforce the fact that we can be creative with how we accomplish work and keep-in-touch. The explosion of apps like Zoom shows how easy communicating from afar and collaborating can be. Even when social distancing is relaxed, how many companies conduct business and many schools educated may look different. Reducing the amount we have to commute every day will give us more time to spend on other things.

3. Staying Active is Crucial

Nothing quite like staying home all the time to re-emphasize for us all how important exercise is. So many aspects of our health can be determined by how active we are. Taking even just a little time every day can help reduce your stress. Staying physically active isn’t the only important kind too. Engaging in activities that challenge your brain each day is something we can all re-focus with extra time on our hands. Whether you’re reading a book, learning a language, or practicing an instrument, prioritizing our mental and physical health is important during the crisis, and every single day after.

4. Appreciating Time Spent with Loved Ones Even More

If there’s one thing we can likely all relate to from the experience of social distancing, it’s how aware we are of missing friends and family. The hope is that when we can all see them again, we’re able to make the most of the time spent together. And when we can’t be near, we’ve all gained a new sense of how easy it is to interact digitally, call one another, and generally connect every day. Making the most of the time spent together may be one of the most important takeaways form social distancing.

5. Utilizing Technology to Reduce Contact and Risk

This pandemic has forced many of us to consider how we can reduce our risk while still accomplishing what we need to within the day. And technology has been at the forefront of helping us with that. Several apps allow for grocery delivery and digital shopping, reducing the need to go out to stores. And many delivery apps now allow for contactless delivery. But what are the solutions for more intimate needs, such as hair and makeup care? Fortunately, bloom’d, on-demand beauty app is here to help. With bloom’d you can book a variety of beauty pros on the app, and they’ll come to you for the appointment. This means you won’t have to visit a salon to get the services you want. Reducing risk going forward is about smart decisions we all make, and the bloom’d app is one of those.

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