April 4, 2019

The Best Way to Prepare For a Hair Stylist Coming to Your Home

showing the best way to prepare for a hair stylist coming to your home

Whether it’s your weekly blowout or a special occasion, there are no downsides to having someone else do your hair, especially when they are coming to you! The convenience of being in your own space can be so essential to working it into your busy schedule. While it’s easier than going out, you may also be thinking of how to set up your home so that the appointment is equally convenient for the stylist. Well, we’ve got you covered with some tips on how to make your in-home hair appointment with your bloom’d stylist go smoothly.

Think about the space you have.

You might always do your hair in your bathroom but, can two people easily fit inside with room to move? If not, think about relocating and set up in a larger room like your living area or your bedroom.


Everything and everyone looks better in natural light. Your stylist will have an easier time seeing the dimensions of your hair or the details of the style they’re working on with good lighting. Choose the room that gets the best light at the time of day that your appointment is set for. That way, when you’re trying out those fun new braids you’ve been seeing all over Instagram, you know they’ll look amazing.


This one seems so simple but we all know how frustrating it is trying to choose what to unplug to make room for something you’re just using temporarily. Find an empty outlet if you can or make space for a power strip so your stylist can have room for multiple hot tools if needed.

The perfect chair.

Think about the height of the chairs you have available for the appointment. It’s harder for your stylist to make your hair look great when they are reaching up or bending over the whole time. Since the stylist is coming to your home, have a few different options and have them choose which is easiest for them.

Have the products you like available. 

If you have products you use every day, have them out and available. They may not be necessary for the style you want but if they are you don’t want to be running back and forth to the bathroom for leave in conditioner, heat protectant, and hair spray. Also let your stylist know of any allergies or preferences, that way they can let you know if they will be needing something you don’t already have. With the bloom’d app, you can enter your allergies and preferences into your beauty profile so they know before they get there what you need!

Have your hair clean and damp.

It’s always good to start with a clean slate. Depending on what you’re having done, it’s almost always nice to have your hair washed and ready for them to start on. Don’t apply any product though, leave that up to them.

If it’s a special event, consider wearing a robe or button up top.

There is nothing worse than struggling to get a crew neck t-shirt over a fresh up-do. Wear something that’s easy to get off after the appointment so you don’t immediately mess up that gorgeous new hairstyle.

Know what you want and try to have examples.

Your stylist will no-doubt make you look amazing but it’s always nice for them to know what you’re going for. Look for photos on Pinterest or Instagram that feature people with a similar length and texture to your own hair, and have the photo readily available for them to reference.

Now that you have all of our best tips, remember to enjoy it! It feels like such a luxury to have your hair done, but with the convenience of bloom’d, you can schedule it as often as you like! If you want more from us, check out our post on why you should have your hair, makeup or nails done at home, or our best beauty tips from Hollywood to you.

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