April 17, 2019

Top 5 Trends in Bridal Hair 2019

Wedding season is fast approaching and even if you’re a fall bride, we know you’re flipping through magazines and scrolling Pinterest looking for hair inspiration. We did some research of our own and after swooning over hundreds of looks from Bridal Fashion Week, Harper Bazaar, Vera Wang and so many more, we have zeroed in on the top 5 bridal hair trends for 2019. From flower crowns and messy boho styles to Meghan Markel inspired up-do’s and vintage chignons, we’ll help you find the style that makes you feel picture perfect on your big day!

Accessories – Big accessories are back! Bows, clips and heavily jeweled combs are the perfect things to finish off your look. Forget feeling like a little girl with a headband on – this wedding season, channel your inner Blair Waldorf and add one to a perfectly undone up-do, or classic curls. If you are looking for something a little more subtle, try a velvet or satin ribbon bow with a sleek low pony. Lastly, those gorgeous combs you see all over Etsy? Do it! It may seem like a retro throwback but they can add the perfect amount of glam to a loose braid, or a carefully constructed french twist.

Effortless up-do – The official look of the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan Markel may have brought the chignon back into focus since the royal wedding, but brides have been wearing variations of this easy, breezy style for years. The best part about this look is that you can really make it fit your style. Loose and messy with some pieces untucked? Gorgeous! Sleek and pulled together? Beautiful!

Floral accents – You don’t have to be a bohemian bride with a full flower crown to incorporate flowers into your wedding day ‘do (but if you want to, we’re here for it!). Floral accents can add a romantic, softness to any style and we are loving it this year! Incorporate them into a loose braid or have them pinned into your natural curls.

Soft romantic curls – Shiny, long curls are the mainstay of wedding hair. Take it old Hollywood glam with a deep side part and side sweeping bangs or glitz it up with a jeweled headband or clips. There are a thousand ways to make this yours whether you’re a girl that likes a lot of volume of a looser boho look.

Braids – Make your braid your hair accessory! Stylists can do amazing things with braids! Try a crown braid (the more polished sister of milkmaid braids), a half up fishtail or an inside-out side braid. Either way, people will be impressed. Add flowers, jeweled bobby pins or a pretty comb to hold things together. Afraid you don’t have enough hair to pull any of these off? Get clip in extensions! You can have a stylist blend them into your natural hair and use them to just add volume to your regular length. If there is a time to splurge on extensions, it’s your big day!

*All Images sourced from Pinterest


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