January 31, 2020

When Are the Best Times to Use Beauty Services at Home?

Beauty services at home are the kind of thing that once may have seemed like a luxury but now are more readily available and reasonably priced thanks to on-demand beauty apps. We’re not sure about you, but personally, it’s nice to not have to head out into traffic or the cold to get to the salon, barber, or beauty parlor. What’s the point of getting yourself looking great only to scuff your makeup while shouting to yourself during rush hour traffic? Beauty services at home (or the hotel, office, AirBnB, etc.) allow us to stay in our comfy spots while getting the beauty or grooming attention we need. That being said, when are some of the best times you can make use of beauty services at home through on-demand beauty apps?

Getting Ready for a Night Out

woman using beauty services at home

Whether you’ve got a girls night planned, a dinner with friends, or a special date, we all want to look good when we head out for the night. However, trying to sandwich a salon visit in between a long day at work and a dinner reservation can be a hassle. Having an on-demand beauty pro come to you helps streamline the whole process. You can spend more time picking an outfit, making yourself a meal, or pregaming with friends and less time stressing about your hair and makeup. No more fights with you’re friends because you’re still in the bathroom getting ready when it’s time to go. Use beauty services at home and spend more time enjoying your night.

Special and Formal Occasions

A bride styled with beauty services at home,

Throughout the year, many of us attend events that we want to look and feel our absolute best for. Whether it’s a wedding, a bachelor party, or graduation, part of enjoying those special moments is getting to feel incredible in our own skin. So many details go into these special occasions, and it can be hard to keep track all the things you need to get done. Let beauty services at home take some responsibility from your plate and give you one less place to run. Trust your looks on a big day to expert professionals who can take care of you. Fewer things to worry about = less stress which = a better overall time you’ll be having.

When Life Get’s a Little Too Busy

The thing about time is there’s never enough of it in a day. We live faster lives today than ever before. Managing all of your responsibilities, from work and school to taking care of the kids can mean some things we want or need to do for ourselves can get pushed to the wayside. Having access to beauty services at home means we don’t have to sacrifice taking care of ourselves to take care of other things. Maybe you just can’t find the time to get that haircut or maybe you want to be pampered without adding an extra stop on your way home from work. On-demand beauty services provide the convenience of modern life with the high quality of the salon. What’s not to love about a little self-care?

bloom’d Makes Beauty Services at Home Simple

Whether you live in DC or LA, Maryland or Orange County, bloom’d delivers on-demand beauty and grooming services that will have you looking and feeling your best. There’s nothing like kicking back at home, pulling up your bloom’d app, and scheduling an appointment without having to take your PJ’s off. Check us out in the App Store and Google Play now, and don’t forget to follow our story on Instagram and Facebook!

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