Flexi Rods

Flexi rods help you to create bouncy voluminous curls that will keep you looking amazing for days and days. They are commonly referred to as heatless curls but your bloom’d stylist may want to apply some heat to help speed up the process. Choose your part and your stylist will use flexible soft rods to twist your hair and secure up close to your scalp. Once you are all curled, your stylist will ensure that your hair is completely dry by using hot tools or using a dry curl technique. Once the rods are removed, you will be left with gorgeous bouncy curls that will turn heads.

What your stylist will use:

  • flexi rods
  • comb
  • product (coconut oil, curl mousse, curl cream)
  • Sectioning clips

Plan for your style appointment

  • wash and condition, detangle your hair
  • decide on your style and have photos available if you’d like
  • have any accessories available

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