Are you a bridesmaid this summer? Have a big interview coming up? A regular, old ponytail just won’t do. Schedule an appointment with a bloom’d stylist and have your hair twisted and pinned into an amazing style that you’ll want to rock for a lot longer than just that one day. Up-do’s are great for heat and humidity, events where you want your outfit to be the big statement or you’re hoping to look professional.

What your stylist will use:

  • brushes/combs
  • blow dryer
  • hot tools (curling iron/straightener)
  • products (hair spray, texture spray, leave in conditioner, shine serum etc.)
  • hair ties, pins, elastics, clips

Be prepared with:

  • clean, damp hair (no product unless discussed prior to appointment)
  • inspiration photos (not mandatory, but helpful)
  • any specific hair accessories you want them to include

Learn more about ways to prepare for your stylist.