How many of you put off your nail appointment until the last minute before leaving for a trip or a big night out? Everyone. Then you end up waiting hours for a slot or sitting on your living room floor painting them yourself. Not anymore! Schedule an appointment with a bloom’d nail tech and have a pro come to you at a convenient time and get those glam nails with plenty of time to spare!

Regular Manicure:

Traditional manicure without all the extras. Yes, there are options for your nail shape and length! Two coats of polish and one clear top coat to finish. Drying takes a bit of time, but a nail dryer can speed up the process.

Gel Manicure:

Long lasting manicure (up to 2 weeks). It’s your traditional manicure plus more. A special polish is applied, but also requires a UV Light. Polish lasts much longer and less prone to chipping.

What your nail technician will bring:

  • products (polish remover, polish, lotions, cuticle care, etc.)
  • tools (files, buffer, dryer, etc.)

Plan for your appointment:

  • if you have a specific color you want, have it available.
  • know the shape you’d like for your nails.
  • remove your own current nail color if possible.